About this project:

Hello … my name is Alison and over the last few years I have been researching the history of the Heath Hayes area of Cannock and in particular the soldiers who served in World War One.  

I do not claim to be an expert on Military or World War One history – but I am interested in the stories of the local men who served in the war and the effect the war had on the local community.  With the anniversary of the start of World War One fast approaching, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to share my findings with local residents, family and local historians.  

Historical sources:

History is based on cross referencing and interpreting various sources of information.  Sometimes I have come across conflicting evidence and in a few cases it has been difficult to accurately determine the real story - but then that is what makes history so interesting!  

In such instances, I have quoted all the evidence I have found so far and suggested my own theories and interpretation but perhaps you have additional information or theories you can add?

The sources of information I have used include: records from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, WW1 Army records, local newspapers, BMD records, census returns, and stories from descendants of several local soldiers – however I am sure there are a lot more stories to tell? This is an on-going project, so if you have an ancestor who lived in the village or have any local World War One information you would like to share, I would love to hear from you – please get in touch via my contact page.

Thank you for visiting – please come back again soon!


Heath Hayes War Memorial, Remembrance Sunday and local history exhibition photographs:

War Memorial (Small)

Heath Hayes War Memorial, taken in 2012

Rem 1 (Small)

Remembrance Sunday, 10th November 2013 – the parade walks along Hednesford Road from St. Johns Church to the War Memorial at Five Ways Road Junction

Rem 3 (Small)

Crowds gather around the Heath Hayes War Memorial at the Five Ways Road junction on Remembrance Sunday, 10th November 2013.

library 4 (Small)

A selection of photos from the Heath Hayes WW1 exhibition which was held at Heath Hayes Library on 5th June 2014


library 3 (Small)

The opening page of original Heath Hayes photographs from the authors private collection … as seen at the Heath Hayes WW1 exhibition held at Heath Hayes Library on 5th June 2014.







library 1 (Small)

Supporting WW1 books, images and memrobillia as seen at the Heath Hayes WW1 exhibition which was held at Heath Hayes Library on 5th June 2014














* Thank you to the people and organisations who have contributed information and images to this website.  Many of the photographs have been kindly donated by the descendants of local families and have copyright holders permission or are in the public domain.  However if there has been any oversight the author is happy to rectify the situation and/or remove the image from the website.

** This website is a personal project which has been self funded and is not profit making in any way.  I hope it creates an interest in family and local history and that each visitor discovers something new about the village or the families who lived there a hundred years ago.

*** All rights reserved.  No part of this work may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior permission from the author.  

© Alison Sharma 2014


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